About Us

Paul Andelin working cattle in the corral.

Goodparla Land & Cattle founder Paul Andelin grew up as the seventh of eight children. He was born and lived in California during his childhood and young adulthood. His father was involved in different business ventures; many of which were agricultural in nature. In these early years he developed an interest in agriculture and especially in livestock. He earned a bachelor of science degree from Brigham Young University and then attended St Louis University where he received his M.D. degree in 1984. 

Aubrey and Helen, Paul’s parents, bought a farm in Southwest Missouri in 1977.  Paul moved here in 1990. He joined a local medical practice. Maintaining his long held interest in livestock production, he bought cattle and with the help of family members operated a cow / calf operation.  In 2021 the Andelin family acquired additional acreage with the intent of expanding the cattle operation. 

A Family Enterprise

Paul’s son David Andelin and nephew Patrick Allen head up the cattle care business of the operation on three separate sites in Missouri.  Crystal and Savannah, Paul's daughters, help with social media and shipping.  We help and support one another as a team.

The name Goodparla

Goodparla Station in Australia

In the 1960’s, Paul’s father Aubrey Andelin traveled to the Northern Territory of Australia and bought a 950,000-acre cattle station named Goodparla. This area was home to thousands of feral horses (brumbies),  cattle, and water buffalo. These were descendants of livestock brought to the area by settlers during the 19th century.  

Aubrey and his team worked on domesticating feral stock. He pioneered  the use of water buffalo for human consumption.    Goodparla Land & Cattle is our Missouri pasture-raised beef business named in honor of Aubrey.

For over 30 years, Paul has raised beef cattle in Missouri. He believes that all life is sacred and should be treated with respect and discernment.   We invite you to join us in the adventure, to learn about our family as well as our love of the land and animals we raise

About Paul Andelin

Paul Andelin on Ranger

I developed a love for nature and agriculture as a child. My very early memories are about growing up in a rural environment in central California.  I loved exploring the fields and hills and often went fishing with my older brothers.

My father went to dental school during World War II as the military had a shortage of dentists. Although he worked as a dentist after the war, he was an entrepreneur at heart.  During my childhood he was involved in several agricultural ventures. These included oranges, apples and cattle.  As a young boy my older brothers periodically worked as laborers on his projects. 

My father’s love for adventure was very influential for me. However, I must say that I most admired him for his unshakable honesty and integrity. I remember him telling me as a young man, “in business, never enter into any arrangement that is good for you but not good for the other participant. Such a deal is not good for anyone”.

In 1974, on my eighteenth birthday I left home for some adventure. I traveled for several weeks through remote South Pacific islands and finally arrived in Darwin, Australia. There I procured work at the “McArthur River” cattle station. This was a large cattle station of over 1.2 million acres. There I worked for a few months before returning home. In that area we worked mainly with feral English Short Horn cattle.  I operated a road grader to open up roads through the bush. I also helped with building fences, and working with recently captured feral cattle. It was a life changing experience for me to spend that time in a rugged and not yet fully tamed land.  

During my adventures as an eighteen year old I experienced many different cultures. I visited several remote Pacific islands where the people lived in what most of us might consider very primitive conditions. The experience was an epiphany for me as I realized that all of the human family is connected. Our fears, desires and hopes are remarkably similar. I quickly noticed how the little children in all these cultures played similar games with laughter and smiles reminiscent of all children around the world. 

My life continued on with a two-year mission service for my church during which time I I became fluent in Spanish. I continued to college where I received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and then to graduate school at St. Louis University where I received an M.D. degree in 1984. In return for paying for my medical school I had the joy and privilege of serving in the United States Navy from 1984 to 1990. My duties were mostly on shore but I did serve on a western Pacific deployment aboard the USS Belleau Wood in 1989. 

I married and started a family and have been blessed with nine children and over 30 grandchildren.  Several of my married children live close by and my youngest son is now working full time in our ranching operation.  I still have an active medical practice. I enjoy working alongside family members in the cattle business.

About David Andelin

David Andelin in the corral

As a young man, Agriculture fascinated me. It probably had something to do with driving the tractor while my brothers or my Dad fed hay. I started working summers on the farm as a teenager and my interest turned to a love of farming. I even bought a milk cow from a family friend and sold the milk to friends and family. “Snidely Whiplash,” (named after the Dudley Do-Right character) helped foster a love for cows and a “distaste” of early mornings. Well, I guess an idyllic life comes with a price.

I left the farm to serve a two-year volunteer mission in Idaho and returned to a business that required me to get a better education. I married my sweetheart and attempted to dive into my education. After I graduated with my Bachelors and attempted to get into a graduate school, I began working at a dairy farm. I rediscovered my first love. I dove right back in and when the opportunity to return to the family business, I jumped at the chance to help raise the animals I love. My three boys love checking and feeding the cows with their Dad. Their Dad loves it too.  The way they light up reminds me of when I was their age.

About Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen

I grew up on a family farm in Missouri, and consider my father, John Allen, as my primary farming mentor. I was a member of 4H and FFA as a youth until attending the University of Missouri in Columbia, where I received a BA in Animal Science.  I was hired by Grasslands, and became a manager in their grass fed milk operation for 8 years until I was offered a full-time management position by my Uncle Paul Andelin in 2022.

A professor who impacted me deeply, Jim Garrish, is the patriarch of rotational grazing in Missouri.  My management style is to rotate cattle from pasture to pasture, the same natural way American Bison grazed in days gone by.  This symbiotic, regenerative practice “rests” the pastures for a time before rotating it back in.  

I believe my education, training, and hands-on experience caring for the welfare of our animals contributes to the quality of beef I want my own family to enjoy.  I am married to my amazing and supportive wife Melanie.  We have two little children and one on the way.